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People always wanted to grow taller due to many types of personal issues and reasons. I stumbled upon an interesting piece of article that gives you free method on how to get taller. Hopefully this will give you extra info on how to grow taller :)

5 Stretching Exercise Routines To Become Taller

by Sean Thomas Saunders
Tall persons enjoy both personal as well as employment advantages in the today's modern society and so being tall is thought to be a huge plus. If you are not tall you have perhaps wondered how you can increase your height. Regular practice of stretching exercises may help to increase your height irrespective of your age and body weight. Those who are interested in trying some stretching workout routines to gain a few inches in height can benefit from this article. Here we have discussed five different types of stretching exercises that help to increase height.
- The Super Stretch: The first stretching exercise which we are going to speak about is the super stretch. Stand tall and straight. While you take in a deep breath, raise your arms up and lean back a bit. Reach your hands up as far as you can You should feel the stretch starting from your lower spine. This exercise can also be performed lying down. Hold the stretch for about 5-8 seconds and then relax. Do three sets of ten repetitions everyday.
- Wall Stretch: The Wall Stretch is another excellent exercise for extending the spine. Stand with the back against a wall and get up on tip toes while reaching the hands as far up as possible. Be sure that you keep your spine flat against the wall. This stretch is quite challenging if done properly because the spine must stay straight against the wall. Hold the stretch for not more than 5-7 seconds. Do three sets of ten repetitions everyday.
- Downhill Racer: The third exercise that is recommended for increasing your height is the Downhill racer and this works by extending your lower limbs as well as your back. Stand up with the legs placed shoulder width apart and the arms behind the back with the hands together. Gradually swing the arms as far back as they will go whilst bending deeply forward from the waist. This exercise ought to be done using three sets of ten repetitions with every repetition lasting from 5-7 seconds.
- Two Leg Lift: The fourth exercise which we are going to discuss is the two leg lift and this work out helps to extend your back and also gives a better posture to your body by strengthening your back muscles. To perform this exercise lay face down with the palms down and to each side. Then while keeping your feet together, slowly lift your legs up in the air as far as you can, hold for 3-4 seconds and then relax. Repeat three sets of ten repetitions of this exercise everyday.
- Start "Hanging": Hanging is an easy form of exercise which is great for stretching out your arms, spine and legs. Hang from a bar using the hands to help lengthen and straighten the spine. Back and shoulder muscles will be improved by using a wider grip over the bar but makes the exercise harder. It is recommended that at least 30 minutes of hanging is done each week.
So to get taller the natural way, stretching workouts are the best. They help to extend your spinal column and legs and you have a wide variety of stretching exercises to choose from. Besides these five exercises there are many more varieties of stretching workouts for height gain and if you want to know more about it just search online. You can find several websites dedicated to increasing height through exercise. Keep in mind that good nutrition is crucial for people to be able to grow taller.
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